Problem Solving - Using all of Your Tools

problem solving training

If there is a huge boulder on the road, that is certainly a problem. If you stand on your side of the road, you can see there is no way around. You could just turn around. However, if you walk to the other side of the road you might find something else entirely. Maybe coming out from under the huge boulder is an even bigger alien. That is a completely different problem.

You’re handed a problem. You didn’t make the problem, but now you own it. Where do you start? If you are a first principles thinker, you ask if the problem really is the problem. I like to call this walking all the way around a problem.

Problem Solving Training

Problem solving training is the only class I teach where you really need have taken my other classes. This class shows you how to take a problem, and;

  1. Use first principles thinking to break the problem down,
  2. Use network analysis to organize the problem space,
  3. Use a combination of first principles and network analysis to derive solutions,
  4. Use your new communication skills throughout to garner input, ideate, and socialize,
  5. Finally, if change is required to solve the problem, use your communication and culture skills to enact sticktoit change.

No need to be afraid of problems.

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