I have to be honest, after learning about the pattern nature of language, I fell in love with learning everything I could about language and communication. I’m a communication nerd. My communication training is more about what I can’t tell you or it would be too long, rather than what should I put in the class! One version of this class even uses a Star Trek plot to help explain the communication process.

Communication Training

While I do teach a bit about Zipf’s Law, I also update everyone on what communication really entails. We talk about lexicons and body awareness. I teach you about the tensions and frictions of communication, how you can identify them, and how you can mitigate them. I also teach you about the role of empathy, one of the most important aspects of communication. We learn how even the setting affects communication. This is a fun class full of immediately useful information, techniques, and insights.

Communication is the base skill. In business, everything is built upon communication. The best performers are the best communicators. However, we always have to remember the role of language. Some engineers may be poor communicators outside of their group, yet inside their group they may be superstars. Great communicators adjust for their audience, and command their own presence.

Communication is reality. No, you say? Well, have you ever learned something new and said, “Wow, that changed my mind!” Something held only by oneself may be of value to the holder, but has zero collective value until it is communicated. Once communicated, some ideas change the collectives’ view of reality. For those of old enough to have the old memory, Mars is a very different reality to what I thought in my youth.

communication training

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