About Our Services

Take2, led by Douglas Clark, helps organizations build modern digital capital environments that are robust, flexible, and idea and worker centric. We enable digital transformation by creating a complete inventory of your digital corporate knowledge indexed to your natural language. Our proprietary Idea Index™ is a cutting edge use of modern machine learning based, natural language processing models.

We also provide cutting edge, foundational corporate training in concepts that propel virtual, global and cross-functional teams for success. Our training is live, instructor led yet virtually delivered for cost containment. We are the only provider of these unique courses designed for modern teams who strive to develop the best culture, decision making processes and problem solving techniques.

Douglas Clark

I’m very lucky to have had so many unique experiences that shaped my career and life. I am an award winning technology leader who built a software company, have 10 published patents, is an instrument-rated private pilot and a trained intelligence analyst and cryptanalyst. I’ve also conducted five years of research into modern natural language processing techniques to support work management.

I started my career in the United States Air Force and spent the entire time working for the National Security Agency. I was taught how to use network analysis to understand data and information, as well as to exploit communication networks. During an intense six month course, I learned cryptanalysis, which laid the foundation for my deep understanding of the mathematical aspects of how we use our language. The ten years that I spent in the Air Force were a special and fantastic time in my young career. What I learned is the importance of problem solving, network analysis and communication as part of extraordinary teams. This set the stage for all of the next experiences that I enjoyed in my career.

I left the Air Force and worked at IBM and Lockheed Martin for years in satellite programs. The transition to government contracting was a good challenge for me. I was introduced to modern project and program management. I continued to expand my knowledge in problem solving and network analysis while also learning more about the nuance of communications. Telemetry was an eye opening way to communicate information. It was at this moment that I began thinking about how communication affects work management.

After IBM, I moved into the commercial world, becoming the VP of a national systems integrator that was also a tech startup. We were acquired, part of an IPO and eventually spun out. What I learned is how to build a unique startup culture and apply the rigor of first principles thinking.

At this point in my career, I was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and wanted to create my own company capitalizing on the ideas that would later become my portfolio of patents. I started a SaaS platform for enterprise work management with my wife and partner. We spent a great deal of time talking about and building the company culture while we quickly gained clients and notice in the market. What I learned during the 17 years we were in business was the importance of all of my classes that I now teach – culture, communication, first principles thinking, group and individual problem solving and network analysis. We were fortunate to have many well-known clients in both the government and private sector and too many awards to name, including the INC. 500/5000 Hall of Fame and the PMI Distinguished Project Award.

I have been thinking for quite awhile now about how intangibles, our ideas and digital capital, are the real drivers for the modern enterprise.  After exiting my SaaS company, I spent a few years doing research into natural language processing and large indexes. This idea just kept coming back from my cryptanalysis days. The Idea Index is truly the result of over 35 years of thinking about language and how we communicate. So, here I find myself starting another company. I look forward to helping you in my Take2.

Awards and Accomplishments

Culture and Communication

50 Great Places to Work, Washingtonian Magazine
Best Places to Work, North Bay Business Journal (Four Times)
Helios HR Zeus Award for Continuous Coaching Program
Stevie Award Community Involvement Program of the Year for Protectors to Project Managers
Best in Biz Award for Most Customer Friendly Company of the Year


PMI Eric Jenett Project Management Excellence Award
PMI Distinguished Project Award
Founding Member and Member of the Board, PMI College of Scheduling
Challenge.gov Award for Best Vision for Program Management
Stevie Award for Most Innovative Company of the Year


INC. 500/5000 Hall of Fame (five time winner)
SBA Rising Star Award
Mindshare Network for High Growth Washington DC Tech Companies
Washington Technology Fast 50 Award
Winner Emerging Business Forum

Work Management

10 Patents in Enterprise Work Management
Project Manager for the world’s first standard for project scheduling, now ISO and ANSI standards
Recognized by Forrester, Gartner & EMA
Best User Interface Design Award
Best in Biz International Award for Enterprise Service of the Year
American Business Awards Product Developer of the Year Award
Software Face-off Winner, ProjectWorld Boston
Stevie Award for Technological Innovator of the Year


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