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Take2 is a unique digital transformation organization that enables change as a core competency. We use best of class, open source software tools to support our unique data curation services. To enhance your new digital capital environment, we also provide five foundational digital skills via docent lead, virtual classes.

We believe that thoughtful data curation and science-based skills are the strongest foundation for any digital enterprise. We also believe your digital capital is your most valuable asset. Our data curation approach uses state of the art natural language processing to extract your unique Idea Index™. We then tie together your digital knowledge domains via graphs and modern linked data approaches. In the end, you will have a new take on defining your company’s present and future.

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Digital Enablement as Unique as You Are

Idea Index

Each Idea Index is unique. The Idea Index is a machine readable summation of the current state of your digital capital. Best of all, it's in the same exact language that you use to communicate on a daily basis. With the Idea Index, you can use your unique lexicon to find hidden connections and explore the future with enhanced confidence.

Knowledge Inventory

Our data curation also unearths knowledge graphs for each of your domains of expertise, to include products, skills, and processes. These machine learning ready products also form the foundation for your data governance. Used in concert with the Idea Index, the knowledge graphs allow your team to explore your digital capital using conversant natural language.

Digital Skills

With a new take on your digital capital, you also need to update your teams' skills. Our docent hosted, virtual courses cover the foundational skills needed to thrive in the new digital nature of business. Best of all, your teams will begin to produce products that are the inputs to machine learning models.

Change via Managing Ideas

Once your digital capital is re-indexed to ideas, your change initiatives will be about managing ideas and not work. Business has never been about selling effort, yet we manage the effort. Business is about selling ideas. Best to manage there.

Enhanced Digital Capital

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